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If you live in the Rochester area, we will gladly take your measurements for you.

For those who live out of the area, we will send you our measuring gizmo to use to take your measurements.

Introducing our new measuring device!

Gizmo Measurement
Gizmo Measurement

We recently developed this to help people take their measurements without struggling with a tape measure. This device consists of 4 velcro belts that you fasten around your lower torso to record your natural waist, low waist, high hip, and full hip measurements. The Vertical red velcro strap records your rise measurement.

You begin by simply fastening the red belt around your waist. Then fasten the remaining belts to a comfortable fit. The belts are anchored to a cloth backing and are strategically spaced to record your measurements. Once the straps have been fastened, just unzip the center back zipper leaving the velcro belts fastened. We will do the rest. Just mail the device back to us and we will take your measurements off of it.

Of course we will still send you a muslin so you can check the fit before we cut your final product. The measuring gizmo will be sent to you upon placement of your order.